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Matthew J. Alvis
Matthew J. AlvisComputer Systems Engineer
Proud Employee of Dillard’s, Inc.
Alumni of UALR

From ChildĀ to Professional

My name is Matthew “Matt” Alvis. I was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and flourished in Little Rock. I’ve always had an interest in Computing and the internet. I built my first free website when I was 10, and it’s still up! I “majored” in Visual Arts at Parkview Magnet High School in Little Rock, and worked Full-time 10th to 12th grade out of plain necessity. I lucked out, earned the “Cyber-Scholarship for Academic Excellence” at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and chose to pursue a B.S. in Systems Engineering, emphasis on Computers, at UALR’s College of Engineering and Information Technology. I chose to add some courses and get an A.S. in Computer Programming and Minor in Mathematics. After learning about real internet technologies and web development tools , I co-founded a freelance web development venture known as MaLi Tech Services. I provided hosting and development for a few folks, and learned a ton doing it. I’d later land an internship position at Dillard’s in IT. They had me assist a wide variety of teams in a wide variety of ways, ranging from Java and .Net coding and Google Apps scripting to Windows Desktop & Server administration and scripting. As a Senior, I co-developed an interactive lighting system for a motorcycle controlled by the motion of a rider’s helmet. I received a full-time opportunity as UNIX/Linux SysAdmin for Dillard’s and began my career. I still develop and host sites on the side, and enjoy YouTube, gaming and playing pool while doing everything I can to support my family. I enjoy learning and I enjoy teaching. ~MJAlvis

The City of Little Rock

Skills, Experience, and Education

Web Development

I've got all the goods. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP. Don't forget pretty colors and cool effects.

Modern Websites

With WordPress I can take the pain away. Let’s talk Mobile responsive, Cross-browser compatible websites with a modern feel. Add slick menus, sliders, galleries, blogs and videos to that.

Web Hosting

I know web hosting, including config, SSL/TLS Security, Domain registration and renewals, and performance.

More Than A Server

I can help navigate the weeds of E-Commerce, personal pages, or business pages. The business end of web hosting can be as tricky as the technology.

Software Development

I've written C/C++, Java, C#, VB.Net, even PowerShell... I've used Visual Studio, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA IDEs.

Tools of the Trade

I’ve learned Agile methodologies, test-driven development concepts with unit and uunctional Testing, and change based systems such as GIT.

Microsoft Windows

Exposure to deployment, configs, and tools for Windows Desktop & Servers. Cool stuff like AD, DNS, DHCP, and Hyper-V Virtualization

Scripts & Automation

I’ve worked with CMD prompt and the New-Age PowerShell, including front-end WinForms! I can plug in modules such as PowerCLI to manage VMware Virtualized systems and create solutions that are sometimes just pretty darn cool.


I've worked in highly virtualized environments, including AIX and PowerVM on IBM Power Systems and RedHat Enterprise Linux on Intel hosted VMware.

Scripted Solutions

I use bash, Ksh, dabs of Perl and even PowerShell to help administrate through scripted solutions that leave the guesswork out of repetitive tasks. When there’s a shell, there’s a way!

Google Apps

Google is more than a search engine. I can integrating Google Drive and Google Sites and leverage Google Apps Scripts to reduce monotonous tasks.

Staying Connected with Google

Google Drive is living in the cloud. Work in conjunction with peers, manage file revisions, integrate with Google Sites, automate tasks with Google Apps Scripts and simply have a more cohesive work flow.

Systems Engineering

All the core Engineering concepts and principles. Mechanical and Electrical Physics, Digital circuit theory and design, Optimization and Decision and Risk analysis.

Computing Technology

Educated in digital circuit design, computer architecture, operating systems concepts, object-oriented software design, data structures and Algorithm design, networking, microcontroller design and integrations.


Basic Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus I, II, and III, Physics for Engineers, Chemistry, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and Discrete Mathematics

Do the Math!

Add it up! Math is going to be necessary wherever you are. Knowing how to solve problems with math can always helps to make informed decisions.

Professionality - Dillard's Inc

As intern in a variety of roles, I've learned that there's more to the field than just the technology. There's peer-to-peer relationships, continued growth, and continued learning.

Freelance Development

I enjoy keeping myserlf busy, and along with the “daytime gig,” I like to stay busy with web design, general advise, and tutoring when I can.

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